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The Workshop

With billions of pounds of investment needed to address aging plant and infrastructure, it has never been more important to identify, prioritize and justify what replacements are needed and when, or how best to extend the life of existing assets. This intensive training workshop shows you how this can be achieved – for any asset types, with or without detailed technical data. 

The SALVO Process is a generic, practical and proven method for ensuring that the right problems are addressed, appropriate solutions identified and a clear business case developed for the optimal intervention plan. This 2-day interactive course introduces the rigorous 6-step SALVO Process for optimizing strategies and decisions in the management of physical assets.

Developed over 4 years by a multi-industry consortium of leading organisations in utilities, transport, process and manufacturing sectors, the SALVO Process breaks new ground in the disciplined evaluation and business case justification of what to do, and when. Moreover it addresses the human factors involved, and provides a transparent way of turning technical knowledge into economic language and business value. The workshop is highly interactive, drawing on a broad range of practical, hands-on examples.

Who should attend?

Asset managers, operations, engineering and maintenance managers, business leaders, operations and engineering directors, capital investment planners, finance managers/directors, and anyone who wants to improve consistency, transparency and confidence in asset management decision-making are welcome to attend this workshop.

Workshop fees include a FREE copy of the book 'Asset Management decision-making: The SALVO process'.

Other SALVO training courses available for in-house and customised delivery

SALVO & best practices in decision-making: Senior management introduction         Half-day  
Asset Management decision-making: concepts, methods and best practices          2-days  
Life cycle costing and life cycle decision-making  2-days  
Project evaluations and prioritisation, even with poor data  1-day  
Real maintenance optimization - including business justification for optimal strategies     2-days  
Optimizing inspection and maintenance intervals  2-days  
Optimizing spares, inventory and purchasing decisions  1-day  
Aging assets - optimal replacement timing, upgrade and life extension decisions  2-days  
Shutdown strategies - evaluating and optimizing work bundles, timings and intervals  3-days  


These off-the-shelf courses can also be customised to include your own case studies.

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SALVO Tools & Methods


  • Comprehensive range of modular training courses.
  • 1-3 day units with in-house, public and customised delivery options.
  • 3-tier Competency Framework for Certified practitioners, facilitators and consultants.


  • Taster workshops to trial SALVO on your own cases.
  • Facilitated study programmes to explore and integrate into your business processes.
  • Call-in expert analyst service for periodic studies or taskforce review programmes.

Software tools 

  • Modular decision-support suite
  • Enterprise, network & PC configurations
  • Software-as-a-Service options (access on-line)