White Papers

The following white papers are a sample of the conference presentations and journal publications featuring the SALVO process and subject matter. See also the published Case Studies that are continually being completed and added to the SALVO library.
Decisions in Asset Management (NEW)

An article in the Australian Asset Maintenance & Management Journal, January 2015. This article is an extract from the SALVO Guidebook, covering the challenges involved in making the right decisions when data is uncertain and there are conflicting expectations and business drivers.

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Determining and proving which projects, maintenance or replacements are really worthwhile and when (NEW)

Scottish Water's experience of implementing the SALVO process and creating a template for asset management strategies (their 'Asset Masterplans'). Published in Uptime Magazine, January 2015

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The SALVO Project: collaborative developments & innovations (NEW)

SALVO was runner-up in the international 2013 Innovation Awards. This detailed paper describes why SALVO is such a break-through in decision-making for asset management.

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Optimal timing for replacing aging or obsolete assets

This paper, from the IET 2011 Asset Management Conference, summarises the objectives, scope and progress of the SALVO Project, and illustrates the processes with the first of the field trial cases that have been explored.

Aging physical assets and infrastructure are headaches shared by many industries in many countries around the world. Hundreds of billions of dollars of re-investment are going to be needed over the coming years, at a time when financial pressures make such investments particularly hard to justify. The SALVO project is addressing such problems with a fresh look – how to make the right decisions about what to do and when, even with limited data and uncertain assumptions.

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Managing mature assets

This is a paper from the Hydrocarbons journal, summarising the challenges of managing end-of-life decisions, and how current and previous decision-support methods can assist.

The oil and gas industry faces major challenges in the management of aging infrastructure and end-of-field-life decision-making. Along with an aging workforce (and consequence loss of experience and expertise), volatile economics and the fast pace of technology change, decision-making processes and the determination of what to spend, and when, are crucial.   SALVO offers a structured approach to improve consistency, harness the expertise while we can, and determine the best value strategies for juggling costs, risks and remaining asset life.

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Innovative approaches to decision-making in management of aging assets

A paper from the InfraAssets conference in S.E Asia, summarising the project, approach and steps involved in the SALVO process.

The SALVO project is an international cross industry R&D project, which sees a combination of leading edge asset owners and practitioners working together to establish best practice approaches to address this key Infrastructure Asset Management issue. This paper explores the issues, reports on progress to date, and draws some early conclusions regarding the next steps. What is clear now however, is that the prizes for getting these decisions right are huge whereas the penalties for getting it wrong are severe.

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The business case for life extension

A presentation to the IET 2012 Asset Management Conference, updating the progress of the SALVO Project, and illustrated with a case study of the optimized painting strategy for structural steelwork.

SALVO provides a complete and robust method for evaluating how much is worth spending on maintenance or refurbishment in order to extend asset life by the optimal degree. This paper explains, with a case study from London Underground's painting of steel bridges, how the costs, risks and llife cycle benefits can be quantified, and the strategy optimised.

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SALVO Tools & Methods


  • Comprehensive range of modular training courses.
  • 1-3 day units with in-house, public and customised delivery options.
  • 3-tier Competency Framework for Certified practitioners, facilitators and consultants.


  • Taster workshops to trial SALVO on your own cases.
  • Facilitated study programmes to explore and integrate into your business processes.
  • Call-in expert analyst service for periodic studies or taskforce review programmes.

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