Decision Support Tools

Among the many deliverables of the SALVO  project is a suite of highly innovative decision support tools. These are modular 'what if?' evaluators for a wide range of decision types and possible interventions. They enable instant exploration of cost/risk/performance trade-offs, short term versus long term and life cycle effects, the impact of data uncertainty, and the economic value of intangibles or constraints.

The SALVO software tools are called the DST Strategy Evaluator suite and have been developed by some of the top international experts in reliability, risk, life cycle and economic modelling. They represent the leading edge in comprehensive decision support, and all algorythms and modules have been independently validated by the University of Cambridge. They also incorporate the guided thinking and human psychology that emerged from the SALVO research. The credibility of the results rests on how the underlying information is obtained, how tacit (expert) knowledge is safely captured, quantified and used, and how results are presented in an easy-to-understand format.

The Decision Support Tools (DST) modules and the types of decisions that they support include:


Physical changes to assets (‘step-change’ modifications) OR any changes in procedures, competencies, mitigation options etc.


Asset replacement decisions, optimal renewal timing, obsolescence management options, refurbishments to extend life, new asset design options (life cycle cost evaluation).


Condition monitoring, periodic inspections, predictive maintenance strategies AND/OR functional testing (for hidden failure modes) & optimal intervals.


Preventive maintenance justification, optimal planned maintenance intervals, corrective maintenance, performance/efficiency improvements, life extension activities (e.g. painting, lubrication).


Optimal spares, inventory and materials, supply chain and purchasing options, operational stand-by and redundancy options.


Optimal work bundling, shutdown strategy & intervals, remote site visits (work scopes and intervals), opportunity-based projects, maintenance or renewals.


Strategic Asset Management Planning: assembly of timing-optimized and resource-coordinated activities for their combined Capex & Opex, risks, performance and resource implications.


Decision 'storyboards'

The DST modules guide you through comprehensive, step-by-step storyboards for over 40 typical decision types. These are designed to assist multi-disciplined teams to follow the SALVO process, build a full picture of the cost, risk, performance, life cycle and other factors involved in each decision, and to explore, in real time, the effects of different assumptions, scenarios and conflicting opinions.

Example storyboard for an asset replacement decision showing stepwise description of remaining life of current asset and whole life cycle characteristics of proposed new asset.

example storyboard lifespan


For more details on each module, and how it complements existing tools such as EAM systems and FMEA/RCM/RBI techniques, please contact


Data & knowledge capture, including uncertain information:

dst structured approach

Typical results shown instantly for any 'what if?' scenarios:

Asset life cycle cost (and optimal lifespan) evaluation

Maintenance intervals: sensitivity analysis to uncertain assumptions

(and recommended strategy to minimise impact of uncertainty)

lifespan result graph new pump life cycle

 maintenance intervals data sensitivity graph


Evaluation of optimal spares to hold


Life Cycle Cost comparison of scenarios & options

 optimal spares results graph  dst new asset scenario comparison


Evaluation & prioritisation of competing projects within a fixed budget


Optimal shutdown strategy & work bundling

(and real-time 'what if? evaluation of alternative timings)

dst projects portfolio ranked results dst schedule optimized work bundling

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SALVO Tools & Methods


  • Comprehensive range of modular training courses.
  • 1-3 day units with in-house, public and customised delivery options.
  • 3-tier Competency Framework for Certified practitioners, facilitators and consultants.


  • Taster workshops to trial SALVO on your own cases.
  • Facilitated study programmes to explore and integrate into your business processes.
  • Call-in expert analyst service for periodic studies or taskforce review programmes.

Software tools 

  • Modular decision-support suite
  • Enterprise, network & PC configurations
  • Software-as-a-Service options (access on-line)